Incomplete Boxes

- Build your own house
Range of work

Fine Arts, Print Design




This creative art series communicates both a personal desire and social issue using several different formats, skills, and tools. The project consists of three renditions of photographs I took and manipulated of various homes in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, a residential area pocket in the extended Boston region. From all of the images of homes I shot and printed, I cut out box templates that approximately fit the shape of a house, or a section of a residential building.


- Varied Dimension

- Book size : 11 in x 14 in

- Exhibited in IMAGINATION, 2016 Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Newton, MA

- Exhibited in Cyclorama Show, 2016 , Boston, MA

The first rendition, Incomplete Boxes Void, is a series of images voided with only remaining parts of homes after templates have been cut out.

The second rendition, Incomplete Boxes, is a series of three miniature houses I built using the box templates I cut out.

Lastly, the third rendition, Incomplete Boxes Craft Book, is a paper craft book I designed that includes all of the paper box templates illustrated on the various home images, inviting people to cut, fold, and build their own miniature homes.